Tel: 01642 678212

Headteacher: Mrs S Randle

School Contact: Mr A Barber


Tel: 01642 678212


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Our Vision:

Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM Whitehouse)

At Whitehouse, we are all part of and belong to a team. We believe that you can achieve more when you work together. Through teamwork, we learn about communication, compromise and collective effort as well as learning how to appreciate and respect others, take turns and build trusting relationships. Working as a team offers us valuable skills for learning and life beyond school.

Our Core Values:

  • RESPECT: At Whitehouse Primary School, we treat everyone the way that we would like to be treated. We take pride in our work, our school environment and ourselves.
  • RESILIENCE: At Whitehouse Primary School, we try our best, challenge ourselves and never give up. When faced with a setback or challenge, we know that it is okay to fail because we learn from our mistakes. This helps us be good problem solvers. This also helps us to grow in confidence and believe in ourselves.
  • ASPIRATION: At Whitehouse Primary School, we have a growth mindset and believe that we can achieve great things with focus and effort. We have big dreams and aim to achieve the very best for ourselves and others.
  • REFLECTION: At Whitehouse Primary School, we always tell the truth and make the right choices for ourselves. We question the purpose and intent behind information and texts on and offline. We challenge what is right and wrong and use questioning to grow our understanding of ourselves and the world around us.
  • EMPATHY: At Whitehouse Primary School, we are kind, caring and considerate. We try to be understanding of other people’s feelings and will always help someone in need.
  • ACCEPTANCE: At Whitehouse Primary School, we are tolerant and accepting of other people’s differences. We listen to others and we make sure everyone feels valued.
  • CREATIVITY: At Whitehouse Primary School, we understand that we are all-individual and have our own likes and dislikes. We enjoy thinking about different ways to do things and have the confidence to express ourselves in lots of different ways and situations.