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Headteacher: Mrs S Morrison

School Contact: Mr A Barber


Tel: 01642 678212


Aspirational Opportunities for All


The school has a uniform which we strongly promote our children to wear. Parents have always supported the school in ensuring the children are appropriately dressed and understand how it contributes to the high expectations of behaviour and attitude of the children. Parents are requested to maintain the neat and tidy manner of uniform. Children are not allowed to wear inappropriate shoes, exotic/ shaved (not less than a number 3 blade) hairstyles, hair gel and hair products. 


The school uniform is:

Grey trousers with Blue shirt, tie and grey/white socks

Blue tartan Skirt/Pinafore with blue shirt, tie, grey/navy tights or grey/white socks

Royal Blue V-neck Sweatshirt or Royal Blue V-neck Cardigan (Embroidered school logo and initials),

The summer term uniform will consist of a royal blue gingham dress or blue polo top (embroidered school logo and initials) for hot weather.

Sensible black outdoor school shoes and Indoor/PE shoes


Please ensure all clothing is named as it is easier to return lost items. Children will change into indoor shoes for lesson times.


Orders for the new uniform will be taken directly through two local uniform suppliers, Elizabeth’s Embroidery and Motive8.

The link for the suppliers are:                       Password ……WHA



P.E. Kit

The children will change into a PE kit for physical activities. They will need a blue T-shirt, blue shorts and plimsolls for indoor activities. For outside activities in cold weather children will need a sweatshirt top, blue jogging bottoms and training shoes.

Storage in the cloakrooms is limited and children are requested to put all named PE kit into a named drawstring bag which is hung on their peg. As we have very limited cloakroom space, children are not allowed to bring large holdall bags/rucksacks to hang on a peg.

Staff have the right to prohibit the wearing of certain types of clothing or particular items, which are deemed, on safety or other grounds, to be unsuitable for wear in school.



Children wearing jewellery is a potential hazard to the safety of all children in school. Children are not allowed to wear jewellery. If your child has pierced ears they must be taken out for the time that they will be in school. No jewellery will be worn in PE and staff will not assist children with the removal or wearing of any jewellery. If you are planning to have your child’s ears pierced, then the beginning of the six weeks holiday is an ideal time to have them done so that you will be able to remove them for the start of school in September.

Children may want to wear a watch and this is promoted as it helps them to learn to tell the time.