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Meta-reflective Learning

What it is

We use a meta-reflective approach to learning that teaches and develops children’s metacognition skills as recommended by the Education Endowment Fund (EEF). It can support and improve attainment for all pupils by enhancing pupils’ ability to think about their learning, assess their progress, set and monitor goals, identify strengths and challenges in their learning and develop a learning dialogue between pupil and teacher.

This approach underpins our marking and feedback policy and teaches children the skills of reflection and how to use metacognition strategies. Teachers can also look across these reflections to understand what pupils are enjoying or struggling with, and identify specific pupil needs.

How it Works

This approach involves weekly metacognition lessons for every year group that teach children how to break down the learning process, including topics such as growth mindset, failure and perseverance.  Alongside this, children learn how to reflect on their lessons and their learning across the curriculum.

Meta-Reflective Learning Curriculum

EEF Summary of metacognition recommendations_poster