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Tel: 01642 678212


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Thank you for visiting our section of the Whitehouse Primary School web site.  We thought you might like to know more about us and about what we do.  When you look at the list of governors on our governing body you will notice that we are quite a diverse group of people with different skills and experiences.

The 3 main roles of the governing body in raising standards and improving your school are:

To provide a strategic view (including aims, ethos, values, improvement planning, policies and budget management).

To act as a critical friend (supporting and advising the head teacher, providing practical help and skills, monitoring and evaluating the work of the school).

To ensure accountability (we must be prepared to explain our decisions and actions).

To fulfil our requirements we have governing body meetings, committee/working party meetings, publication of an annual profile and school visits. Some of the governors also take an interest in specific Key Stages or in specific subjects.  We come into school to join in class activities, which enables us to meet both staff and children and to feed back to the governing body.  So, as you can see, we all work together in partnership to help develop and improve your school.

We hope to meet YOU in the near future!

Warmest Regards,

Chair of Whitehouse Primary School

Register of Governor Interests 2020 – 21

Register of Governor Interests 2019 – 20

Register of Governor Interests 2018 – 19

Register of Governor Interests 2017 – 18

Register of Governor Interests 2016-17

Register of Governor Interests 2015-16

Register of Governor Interests 2014-15

Current 07.10.21 Structure

Current 07.10.2021 Terms of Reference

GB Attendance 2020-2021

PMP Committee Attendance 2020-2021

RES Committee Attendance 2020-2021

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The School Governors are:- 

Mrs S Morrison Head Teacher
Mr I Brown Chair – Co-opted Governor
Mr G Cattermole Vice Chair – Co-opted Governor
Mr J Harris Co-opted Governor
Miss C Grylls Co-opted Governor
Mrs C Kingston Co-opted Governor
Mrs L Nourollahzadeh  Staff Governor
Ms J Eyre Associate Member
Mrs S Franklin-Levelle Parent
Mrs S Caisley Parent
Mrs A Dixon Local Authority
Ms E Cheesman Clerk