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Aspirational Opportunities for All


Mathematics at Whitehouse Primary


At Whitehouse Primary School, our mathematics curriculum aims to be aspirational for all in order to enable all of our children to be successful in the 21st Century.

We believe that mathematics is integral to everyday life. Our mathematics curriculum is designed to develop a secure understanding, which provides building blocks for learning in a range of situations. Our curriculum delivers a platform for children to demonstrate their understanding of mathematics and produces mathematicians who can confidently explain their mathematics understanding, enjoyment and interest. We want our children to become confident problem solvers and to be able to reason and think logically (and not just in their Maths lessons). 

We achieve this through:

  • Developing a positive attitude towards mathematics.
  • Teaching mathematics in a way that develops the effective application of this subject within a wide range of activities supporting education and adult life.
  • Developing children’s ability to express themselves fluently, to talk about the subject with assurance whilst using correct mathematical language and vocabulary.
  • Instilling thinking skills, independence and creativity throughout the mathematics curriculum.
  • Developing mathematical skills and knowledge and quick recall of basic facts in line with recommendations.
  • Developing children’s ability to problem solve through application and exploration of their mathematical understanding.
  • Establishing mathematics as in integral tool in all aspects of learning (cross-curricular).
  • Establishing an effective model of the mastery initiative that is effective for our school setting.
  • Where possible, mathematics is linked to everyday scenarios to prepare children for adult life.
  • All children are challenged to the best of their ability.



Children have access to mathematics learning during a daily lesson and have the opportunity to explore their problem-solving and reasoning abilities.

  • Ensure that all staff understand the progression mapping for each strand of mathematics.
  • CPD given to help staff to build their knowledge of mathematics and the mastery imitative across the primary curriculum.
  • Teacher’s planning exposes children to mathematical vocabulary through their teaching in all subjects.
  • Children use a wide range of concrete resources to support their learning e.g. Numicon, denes and counters.
  • Monitor the use of cross-curricular maths through active learning.



  • Children have strong knowledge across all mathematical areas and are able to apply this knowledge to a range of situations including real life contexts
  • Children have a positive attitude towards mathematics
  • Children are able to work collaboratively to solve problems and explain the processes they have used in a team work and individual manner
  • Mathematics is embedded throughout our curriculum with children receiving mathematics sessions daily


EYFS Maths Progression

Maths Progression Map