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Aspirational Opportunities for All

Curriculum Information

Long Term Plans

We follow the Cornerstones curriculum except for music, computing and PSHRE. 

Our theme-based curriculum is based around the four ‘Cornerstones’ approach which centres on the belief that children learn better when their interests and fascinations are allowed to flourish. Children are encouraged to explore subjects in a variety of ways and using an integrated approach.


Engage Develop Innovate Express
Hook learners in with a memorable experience.

Set the scene and provide the context for learning.

Ask questions to find out children’s interests.

Spark children’s curiosity using interesting starting points.

Teach facts and information for deeper understanding and knowledge.

Demonstrate new skills and allow time for consolidation.

Provide creative opportunities for making and doing.

Deliver reading, writing and talking across the curriculum.

Provide imaginative scenarios that encourage creative thinking.

Enable children to apply previously learned skills.

Encourage enterprise and independent thinking.

Provide opportunities for collaborative working and problem solving.

Provide environments for reflective talk.

Create opportunities for shared evaluation.

Celebrate and share children’s success.

Identify next steps for learning.

To find out more about our curriculum please visit:

Whitehouse Curriculum EYFS- 23-24 docx

Whitehouse Curriculum Y1 and Y2 – 23-24 docx

Whitehouse Curriculum Y3 & 4 23 – 24 docx

Whitehouse Curriculum Y5 and 6


Power Maths

Power Maths is a UK curriculum mastery programme designed to spark curiosity and excitement and nurture confidence in maths.

Reception Overview
Year 1 Overview
Year 2 Overview
Year 3 Overview
Year 4 Overview
Year 5 Overview

Reception Calculation Policy
KS1 Calculation Policy
LKS2 Calculation Policy
UKS2 Calculation Policy


The Literary Tree English Curriculum

The Literary Curriculum is a complete, book-based approach to teach reading, writing, spelling and grammar. It immerses children in a literary world, creating strong levels of engagement to provide meaningful and authentic contexts for learning to enable children become critical readers and acquire an authorial style as they encounter a wide-range of significant authors and a variety of fiction, non-fiction and poetry.

English Whole School Curriculum


Phonics Curriculum

We use the Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised programme to plan and provide daily engaging phonics lessons.

Click here for more information on Little Wandle.



We are very proud of our pupil’s handwriting and take particular care in our cursive/joined-up handwriting style. We use Letter-join as the basis of our handwriting policy that covers all the requirements of the 2014 National Curriculum.

Click here for guidance of how to use Letter Join to support with handwriting, at home.


Music, Computing and RSE Curriculum – Kapow

Music Kapow Long Term Plan
Computing Kapow Long Term Plan

RSE Long Term Plan


Get Set 4 PE

At Whitehouse, we ensure that our PE provision is progressive (through structured, rigorous planning and delivery) and effective (though clear assessments and monitoring of staff and children).

Our PE curriculum ‘GetSet4PE’ provides an effective and efficient form of assessment in which children can be assessed against each individual aspect of PE they are undertaking within the term. ‘GetSet4PE’ allows for individual comments to be added to the children if they are excelling or struggling with a particular aspect of PE. ‘GetSet4PE’ allows for after school clubs to be recorded as well as competitions that have been attended which allows for us to easily recognise and calculate the number of active children within the school.

Our School Games Mark awarding of a ‘Gold’ ranking is continually maintained by applying on an annual basis to verify the quality and breadth of the provision we offer.

An indication of our commitment to school sports can be seen in the values our pupils demonstrate at community, competitive events where they not only triumph in winning medals and trophies but also model our core school growth mindset values such as, perseverance, determination, teamwork and resilience. This can also be seen throughout our School Games Day where pupils enjoy supporting one another, leading activities and officiating the day.

PE Curriculum Map



We follow the Stockton SACRE agreed syllabus.

RE Curriculum Map