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Headteacher: Mrs S Morrison

School Contact: Mr A Barber


Tel: 01642 678212


Aspirational Opportunities for All


Whitehouse Primary School Clubs

Whitehouse Primary school run a variety of after school/lunchtime clubs for enrichment as well as Breakfast and Tea-time clubs for childcare.  

Breakfast and Tea-time Club

Breakfast club runs every morning between 8.00am till 8.45am

Tea-time club runs from 3.15pm till 5.00pm.

Both of these clubs are managed by school staff with a range of supervised activities and a snack. There is a small charge for children attending breakfast and/or tea-time club and if required, information can be accessed from the school office.

After school Enrichment Clubs

Our aim at Whitehouse is to provide children with enriching and exciting opportunities to further their interests and abilities in a range of areas including art, music, dance, drama and sport.

Every term there are a range of sports clubs to enhance the children’s sporting skills as well as keeping the children active after school. Our sports clubs are ran by Whitehouse staff in order to be able to offer a consistency and continuity of provision: the staff and children know each other well and share the same core values as enjoyed during the school day.

During break and lunchtime, our children also act as play leaders and sports leaders in order to run our personal fitness challenge activities which allow children to practice a number of different physical activities and attempt to beat their personal best.