School Update 16.09.20

Dear Families,

Thank you for your continued support of our new systems in place at school. The children are a credit to their families in the way they have returned and settled back to their learning. It is important for all our families that we maintain the Education of our children and minimise any interruptions along with having good safety measures in place.

We will continue to review the operation of the school with regard to updates from the Government and the DFE during the continuation of the Covid-19 situation.

If the school were to have any positive cases of Covid-19 the school would inform Stockton Public Health and follow their advice. Should it be necessary to ask children to isolate and stay at home you will be notified as soon as we can. We will continue to provide access to Education if your child is asked to stay at home for self-isolation. The class teacher will send out details of work to be completed during any periods of isolation.

We are all working together on the important job of reducing the spread of Covid-19 in order to keep us all safe.

Welcome to Whitehouse Primary School!


Dear Parents,

Welcome to Whitehouse Primary School. We hope that this information will help you become familiar with the aims and organisation of the school.

Our aim is to offer an education which will develop each child’s potential, academically, emotionally and physically, and to offer a range of experiences that are exciting and stimulating and will help them to understand the ever changing world in which they live.

We believe our high expectations of children, in their behaviour, school work and relationships help them to attain their full potential. We are keen to work with you to support and develop your children during a happy and successful stay at Whitehouse.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs S Randle


Whitehouse Primary

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